MOD Experience


Most Norris and Marlette Tennessee homes can be built to MOD specifications. What is a MOD? Glad you asked. Check out our handy HUD vs MOD reference sheet to find out.

Now that we’re all on the same page about WHAT a MOD is, now we’re going to answer HOW a MOD is delivered and assembled.



The lot where the new home will set up is prepared by grading the ground to be level and building a permanent foundation and piers.



The home is delivered from Clayton Bean Station or from the sales center to the lot in sections by a toter truck. Two escort trucks are required per toter truck to ensure safety on the roadways. The sections of the home are carefully and strategically placed in a location where the crane can pick them up and carefully lower them onto the foundation.



In the industry, we refer to this as “home-set” or in this case “crane-set.” Once the sections of home and the crane are in position and calculations are made, a team of professionals begin the set. With an average section weighing 15 tons, the crane operator and ground crew have to be extremely cautious and accurate. All in all, a typical crane set lasts between 4-6 hours. At that time the finishing crew takes over. They adjoin the sections by adding a section of roof, and tie in the “marriage line” on the interior and exterior of the home. Finishing touches are made, and voila! your new Norris MOD home is now move-in ready!




CityPlace Crane Set

Norris had the opportunity to work with the city of Atlanta, Georgia on an amazing project that provides quality homes at a reasonable price for public employees such as police, firefighters, and teachers in an area of Atlanta that would otherwise be too expensive to live. See the video below captured and produced by our friends at CityPlace.